SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness Worksheet

    In the current times we are interested in ensuring we do everything we can together to navigate the current situation to a successful outcome together.

    In effort to help with many of you who may have received the PPP Loan (Payroll Protection Program), we have put together a tool to help you ensure you are prepared to document your expenses to be “forgiven” where applicable.  We hope this is a value to you and your business.  Please share this with your accountant to ensure the details are accurate for your specific needs.

    Please click on the “Download Now” button below which will automatically download the excel file to your computer.  When you open the file, be sure to enter the date you received the funds in your account from the loan.

    Be sure to complete this schedule weekly with the amounts paid for payroll, rent, utilities and/or mortgage interest.  Amounts should be transferred from your PPP Loan account when you pay each appropriate expense.

    Please note that you should start building a file that has the payroll reports, rent payments, utility bills and/or mortgage statements to support each expense.  While we are still awaiting updates from the SBA on how to prove the loan forgiveness amount, we believe this file will give you the necessary information along with the account transfers to prove the total amount forgivable.

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